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CDI for the Clinician®

Microlearning training tool designed to address the particular needs of physicians in learning clinical documentation integrity (CDI). 

Physicians and Other Clinicians

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Your medical staff are the foundation of a successful clincial documentation integrity (CDI) program, yet they are the most stressed of all groups in healthcare. How can you convey the necessary information without putting undue pressure on already overly full schedules?

Simple: Our CDI for the Clinician® microlearning modules for physicians and other healthcare practitioners are quick, clear, and painless. In just 3 to 5 minutes, each diagnostic “skill” teaches the documentation terminology, definitions, and supporting evidence-based criteria for the diagnoses to ensure accurate and compliant documentation for both the physician and hospital. 

For the physician, the on-line training tool is self-paced, convenient, timesaving, and evidence based. The tool zeroes in on the most clinically important 50+ clinical diagnoses that provide the greatest challenges in practice, and delivers essential, authoriative diagnostic criteria. Physicians can access these skills any time, from any device. 

CDI education for clinicians should be painless: this is the way to do it!

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Micro-learning Training Features

Training Tool Features

CDI for the Clinician® micro-learning training platform was specifically designed with the needs of physicians and other clinicians in mind. Developed and written by the authors of the best-selling original CDI Pocket Guide®, Richard Pinson, MD, FACP, CCS, and Cynthia Tang, RHIA, CCS, CRC, the program includes the following content and features: 

  • Diagnostic terminology and definitions for the most clinically important 50+ diagnoses relevant to CDI with supporting evidence-based clinical criteria 
  • Accessible on device
  • CMEs can be provided for educational modules
  • Peer rated with automated reminder options
  • Advanced reporting:  Progress and completion tracking and analytic reports

For ongoing support, the learning process is sustained through a post-training performance mobile app, our CDI for the Clinician® CDI+MD app, for iOS and Android devices. These 30-second versions of the five-minute skills presented in training content provide an essential mechanism for refreshing the learned material and keeping one's knowledge current.   

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Target Audience

Pinson and Tang - CDI Physician Training

CDI for the Clinician® includes the most pertinent diagnoses or conditions for physicians and other healthcare providers that impact reimbursement and quality performance profiles.

Target Audience:  

  • Hospitalists 
  • Internal Medicine and Family Practice
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Teaching Faculty and Residents
  • Physician assistants and nurse practitioners
  • General Surgery
  • Medical and surgical specialties 
  • Clinical Documentation Specialists



CDI for the Clinician® curriculum includes:

  • Three introductory modules
    • CDI Primer
    • Coding and DRG Fundamentals
    • Coding Rules for Clinicians
  • Training “skills” 
    • 55 diagnosis and procedure specific skills
    • Each skill takes 3-5 minutes to complete
    • Approximately four hours to complete all skills

Each skill teaches the documentation terminology, definitions, and supporting evidence-based criteria for the diagnoses that most often contribute to correct and compliant coding that heavily influence reimbursement and quality performance profiles for both physicians and hospitals.  

Our CDI+MD mobile app for Apple and Android devices provides unlimited access for quick review of the definitions, diagnostic criteria, recommended terminology, and clinical references included in each skill. 

Our CDI Pocket Guide is the perfect resource to assist clinicians.

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At Pinson & Tang, we provide trusted, clear, and consistent teaching and resources for coding specialists, CDI specialists, and physicians.

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