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We’ve spent the last two decades designing effective, efficient, sustainable programs that empower people to do their jobs better (and happier) and create real results for hospitals.

Who Are "We" Exactly?

We’re Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang, and we think we make a pretty great team. 

Richard is board-certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine, and has spent over 20 years practicing in the ED. He's also a gifted teacher with a sense of humor, and knows how to make even coding seem interesting. 

Cynthia has 30 years' experience building documentation improvement programs; she’s intimate with all the nuances of coding and spent many years consulting for hundreds of hospitals, where she honed her ability to streamline complex topics without sacrificing substance. Her energy keeps workshops lively (and she tries to keep Richard in line). 

After consulting together for several years, and being frustrated with the poor quality of information available, we took matters into our own hands. We rolled up our sleeves, distilled our encyclopedic knowledge down to the essentials, and put it all together in a format guided by our practical experiences as both teachers and learners. The resulting CDI Pocket Guide® became a runaway hit and is now in its 16th edition. It is a comprehensive CDI resource for coding professionals, clinical documentation specialists, and physician advisors, and is now available online as the CDI Pocket Guide® Unbound Edition, and as an Apple or Android app, for your PC or any mobile device. We continually strive to produce products that make your life easier.

We've been privileged to see this guide change the way people work and make their lives easier and more pleasant—all the while helping their hospitals receive the reimbursements they are due and improve their clinical quality indicators. 

Reach out to us—we'd love to hear from you! 
Dr. Richard Pinson MD, FACP, CCS
Dr. Richard Pinson
Cynthia Tang RHIA, CCS
Cynthia Tang
At Pinson & Tang, we provide trusted, clear, and consistent teaching and resources for coding specialists, CDI specialists, and physicians.

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