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Cardiac Troponins and the 99th Percentile
Much confusion exists about troponin values and their implications including the meaning and significance of the 99th percentile level. Let’s […]
Acute Respiratory Failure - All There Is To Know
The diagnosis and documentation of respiratory failure continues to be challenging for coders, documentation specialists, and physicians. Many physicians, including […]
Coding Possible Malignancy Diagnoses When Pathology Report is Pending
We are concerned about the consequences of Coding Clinic® Second Quarter 2023 advice to code a possible malignancy diagnosis when […]
Hospital Acquired Infections: Reporting vs. Coding
The Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated the development of quality reporting and pay for performance program in all practice […]
MCC-CC Listings for MS-DRGs FY2023
The CMS FY2023 Final Rule tables include: Complete MCC List; Complete CC List; Additions to the MCC List; Deletions to […]
The New Laterality Code Edit: Is a Query Needed?
There is a new Medicare Code Editor (MCE) New Edit 20 effective April 1, 2022 for certain diagnosis codes if […]
Coding Complications of Care
Does recent Coding Clinic advice contradict Official Coding Guidelines for coding Complications of Care?  The short answer is No. Here’s […]
Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
Most pulmonary emboli (PE) arise from deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of the proximal veins of the lower extremities (iliac, femoral, […]
What is CDI?
CDI, or Clinical Documentation Integrity, can be understood as a process aimed at improving the accuracy of medical record documentation and […]
Acute MI due to Coronary Artery Stent Stenosis: Coding Challenges
In our recent Cause and Effect webinar we described the ICD-10 E/M convention for which, in certain conditions, the etiology […]
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