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CDI Pocket Guide® "Unbound Edition"


The best-selling CDI Pocket Guide®, now in its 17th edition, is a comprehensive resource used by CDI and coding professionals and others involved in CDI to enhance clinical documentation practices. The Guide perfectly blends clinical practice with documentation and coding to improve the accuracy and completeness of health records.

The companion online edition, CDI Pocket Guide® Unbound Edition, contains the same industry-leading clinical information and guidance contained in the print edition for inpatients, but offers additional content and features such as:

Outpatient HCCs: Outpatient coding guidelines and detailed clinical information and guidance for the new CMS-HCCs V28.0

Pediatrics and Neonates: By recognizing the unique needs of the pediatric population, we partnered with the Pediatric Resource Group (PRG) to provide over 40 pediatric and neonatal key reference topics.

Patient Safety Indicators: PSI overview and quick reference guides for PSI-04 and PSI-90 with links to code lists and detailed technical specifications for each PSI

Physician (CDI+MD): The CDI+MD section caters to providers with tailored content on key CDI terms providing the essential information only.

Query Templates:  For commonly queried diagnoses and situations.

Webinar library: Full access to the Pinson & Tang webinar library for in-depth learning and where users gain CEUs

Official Coding Guidelines: Complete ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Official Coding Guidelines that can be searched with copy/paste

Other Key Features: Intuitive navigation designed for efficiency with copy-paste functionality, the ability to save Favorites, and export topics to PDF. With robust global search capabilities to quickly find information and the option to add and manage notes streamlines and improves workflow.

Continually updated throughout the year, it ensures users stay current with real-time content additions and regulatory updates.

The CDI Pocket Guide® Unbound Edition can be also downloaded as an iPhone or Android app for your phone (free with your 12-month subscription).

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